Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Support From German Couple

Yesterday I receive monthly support euro 300/ rm 1242.60 from meet long time supporter from German. The couple I always told. Lovely couple juergen and ketja. They support me from year 2005 until now. Even they don’t want me to tell people about what they do but I think they are qualified to be known by people about their good heart.

Surah Ghafir : 7-9Hadis Riwayat Muslim Bermaksud :"Pada setiap pagi seorang itu pasti di sertai oleh dua malaikat yang berdoa : Ya Allah berikanlah kerosakan terhadap orang yang enggan membelanjakan hartanya untuk bersedekah ",sedangkan yang lain berdoa : " Ya Allah berikanlah pengantian terhadap orang yang gemar membelanjakan hartanya kepada kebaikan ".

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