Monday, June 22, 2009

Family from german

This is second time they come and visite me. They are from Germans but the husband who are working here in malaysia every week will come and visite me. and off couse not only just visite. people who are real animals lover they will know what to do. not just talk or smile. and yes as what i always see they are animals lover.the way they touch or pet the cats i knows, sunday the day before went back to german they stoped by to see me again. and the wife tell me she miss her cats in german. i think now they are in german. and sure with the cats already. my god bless them. .

Just want to add. when i small i always see the movie ( combat ) and we can see how american make propaganda that german army /people are bad people. but my experiance in bukit bintang sure to me difference. juergen and ketja who always support me from german, and this family olso from german. and they few more people i meet are german. worlds-worlds .....

Help me with money not with thing using money not words. thank jamilkucing

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