Saturday, October 31, 2009

Babykey in Bukit Bintang

Most people i know in bukit bintang always adk where is babykey if i didnt bring her to bukit bintang . for me i dont give it damm about it.couse they just want to see it , want to play with babykey.but to give money dammm f.....k shelfish mostly arabic and malays.
One thing if i bring babykey i never fill boring in bukit bintang.olso mostly tourist love to taking photo with babykey. at laste i can get some money from that. hell what people said. they just intersted to talk. they never know how to feed 104 cats. 3 monkey. but what can i say human always pretanding to be good. am i right ????

Help me to help abandoned animals.

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