Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tommy lee from Australia

Last week I meet one family from Australia. Actually not the father or mother but their son and daughter, they come for holiday in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia almost 2 week. And guess what since Tommy and her sister saw me, everyday’s Tommy will come either with her sister or along. And surely he will bring apple for babykey. As what I see Tommy really love my monkey babykey. And babykey also close to him.
Nice to meet young person like Tommy who really love animals. Always young people they just said so love animals but not 100% but Tommy prove to me that he is real animal’s lover. everyday almost week he coming to my spot without fill boring , not only come to play with babykey but also helping watching anyone who just want to taking photo free.
Tommy will bring apple for babykey when he coming by at my spot at bukit bintang.
This is Tommy sister, she playing with babykey godmother shaki. Shaki is my female monkey age 3 years old. She is good monkey as long you didn’t touch her. And Tommy sister get small bite from shaki (sorry) when she try to hold her. Course the rule is the monkey can touch you but you don’t touch them. Monkey rule.
To Tommy and her sister thank allots for supporting me. Thank for the donation for abandoned cats. My god blesses all of you. Do always love animals. They need people like you. And my 16 years experience 10 years in bukit bintang Kuala Lumpur meeting with tourist, 80% of Australian people are real animal’s lover, without doubts.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

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