Friday, July 9, 2010

Where I stayed Summer Guesthouse

OMG nice city but please get me back to the beach!

Where I stayed
Summer Guesthouse

Flag  of Malaysia , Wilayah Persekutuan,
Monday, June 29, 2009

So, I've started a travel blog..... I have so many experiences that have happened to me on my round the world journey so far that it seems like a huge loss to not write about them. So since Ive been on the road now for a while, I may go back to some previous dates and share some anecdotes that I remember from my pictures... otherwise I will try to write in here every few days or so...

Here goes, I hope you find this interesting...

Today is a chill day... when you are travelling a lot you really need a day to be out of the way of people and sort of recharge your battery. On these types of days I will go get my computer and sit at a starbucks and journal or Skype with my family. Sometimes I grab breakfast and listen to music and stay in... it depends. But today is a day that I've used to catch up on my facebook and email and update my photo albums The man that rescues cats
The man that rescues cats
What is interesting about what happened yesterday was that I ran into this strange scene. A gentleman had a big motorbike with cats on it... and a monkey.dressed up in little girls clothes. yes a pet monkey all . The monkey was sitting on the back of the bike with one of the cats picking the fleas off of the cat. What is interesting about this is that the cats were all maimed, paralyzed or lame due to human cruelty or just birth defects. The man's sole mission is to find and rescue stray and harmed cats and give them a safe home.. He has over 140 cats right now but he is so famous for his work that he has been on Fox News, CNBC, and plenty news stories are run about him. He also has a utube website where he shows you the animals etc. He only makes money when tourists take pictures, he charges them the equivalent of about 3 USD to help feed the cats and go find more. He will be featured on Oprah Winfrey at the end of September. Very cool to see that but I felt so sorry for the lame, limping and maimed cats he was helping, I gladly paid the money for a picture.

Kuala Lumpur is a clean city, the people are friendly and they almost all speak English. There are travelers here quite often because KL is the center of Air Asia which is a cheap airline taking people anywhere. Its hot, and muggy and the place Im staying is right in the middle of the Golden Triangle. This means its in the center of the action, the street where the best restaurants are, with views of the Petronas towers and the tower. The shopping is insane of course but nothing compared to Bangkok. The prices are more expensive and the selection is different. They do have Westerner stores but often have only Asian sizes... for example their extra large is the equivalent of a US size 4.... Im not kidding. So buying clothes here is absolutely impossible unless you buy something imported from the UK or USA. Yesterday I spent a really long time looking for a new bikini as mine isnt fitting properly after so many wears...ok im justifying... I just wanted a new bathing suit. So at the end of the day I found a cute white one with turquoise on it.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers

More to follow but breifly I spent some time shopping as Im considering starting an import/export business to Canada and want to see what is available. There are some interesting designers here and I would love to make some money off of their products. The one thing I find when I go home to Canada is that there are no affordable home goods, everything is so overpriced with little selection... I find it frustrating and plan to change what is available to Canadians on that front. Im talking about decorative pillows, lamps, accessories, art, duvet covers and silks. The easiest way to start is to build the business by starting with the jewelry... I'll do that and then move towards the next project.

I hope this hasn't bored you... I will make sure to keep this travel focussed in the future but if you are an entrpreneur.... you can't stop it, its how you are made... traveling is great but making a business doing something you love and are passionate about is where I plan to head.

More to follow... Cheers..


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