Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Using my cats for Deepavali advertisment....

The film company which always using my cats and my monkey for advertisement call me yesterday, because they need few cats for Deepavali advertisement on this years. They come to bukit bintang to choose which cats they want. After they confirm as usual I collect half of the price as deposit.

When the shooting days they send are car to pick me cost the shooting place are too far. They make the shooting at Batu arang town. Which 40 kilometer from Kuala Lumpur.

I bring totally 8 cats, so easy for them to replace is the one they chouse can do it. but today we are so lucky. Everything goes on smoothly. Just one shoots everything on right track.

Surah Ghafir : 7-9Hadis Riwayat Muslim Bermaksud :"Pada setiap pagi seorang itu pasti di sertai oleh dua malaikat yang berdoa : Ya Allah berikanlah kerosakan terhadap orang yang enggan membelanjakan hartanya untuk bersedekah ",sedangkan yang lain berdoa : " Ya Allah berikanlah pengantian terhadap orang yang gemar membelanjakan hartanya kepada kebaikan ".

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