Friday, December 10, 2010

Shakipunk ( Shaki- punk boy who found her )...

This cat was founded by one punk boy who always pass by at my place, according to him he saw one motorcycle hit this cats while the cat crossing the road near sungai Wang plaza. Not far away from my place. He said if I don’t want to accept it he just wants to put it somewhere.becouse he cannot keep. He just renting at one small room the he rented. His house owner won like the animals. Than what to do. Either I like it or not’s need to help animals right!!!

One of her length on right side are broken I guess. When she stands up she will fall down back.

Surah Ghafir : 7-9Hadis Riwayat Muslim Bermaksud :"Pada setiap pagi seorang itu pasti di sertai oleh dua malaikat yang berdoa : Ya Allah berikanlah kerosakan terhadap orang yang enggan membelanjakan hartanya untuk bersedekah ",sedangkan yang lain berdoa : " Ya Allah berikanlah pengantian terhadap orang yang gemar membelanjakan hartanya kepada kebaikan ".

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