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INTERVIEW BY The News Straits Times Singapore

INTERVIEW BY The News Straits Times Singapore


While everyone complains about the dirty place that abandoned cats cause, Jamil is the only one who sacrifices his future to take care of them

By Lim Chung Kai

The News Straits Times Singapore

Jamil Bin Ismail carefully places the cat on the scooter, one after another.

Standing steadily on the scooter, the cats seem sleepy. “Yek…yek ...yek”. A monkey is propped on Jamil’s shoulder, looking at the pedestrian who wanted to take picture with him. Here is the place where Jamil works, on the pavement along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Dressed in a red T- shirt with short black pants, he is sitting lonely on a plastic chair with his daughter, Shaki. However, he never feels alone when he is with Shaki, a monkey he adopted from a hotel.

By standing on the pavement, accompanied with a lot of noise made by the pedestrian, Jamil started telling me about his story. Here is Jamil’s story; although it is not a very pleasant beginning like everyone else.Jamil’s father was a policeman who sacrificed himself in police action on Jamil’s first birthday. By living with his grandparents in a village in Selama, Perak, Jamil used to play with various types of cats since he was young.

After finishing his studies, he worked as a personal assistant to former Prime Minister Malaysia, Tun Hussein Onn and after that worked as a personal assistant to Tengku Mahkota Johor, the son of Johor Sultan. Five years later, he moved to Kuala Lumpur and became the personal assistant of Tan Sri Dato Lim Kok Wing, the chairman of Lim Kok Wing University. Of course, this is not the end of Jamil’s story; his life was just wanted to take a turn for the better.

“They are all local and ordinary cats, but they also need love and care, not only the imported and branded cats,” he said.

Jamill submit his resignation letter afterwards, by spending all his time on his lovest pet, the cats. Until today, Jamil has adopted more than 72 abandoned cats from market, restaurant or along the street. By showing his concern on the animals abandoned issues, several non-profit organization was established in order to adopt the increasingly amount of abandoned animals. Besides cats, Jamil also mentioned that he will adopt any kind of animals, as long as he has the ability.

Undeniably, Jamil’s ability is limited. By giving up the high paying job, Jamil has a hard life in taking the cats, as well as himself. Therefore, Jamil has to place the cats he adopted on the pavement of Jalan Bukit Bintang, in order to make more people aware of this phenomenon. Jamil told that most of the donors are foreigner and there are only few local resident show their concern about the abandoned animals. There is a German couple support him with RM500 annually to buy some food and medicine for the sicken cats.

After all, he is just a man, an ordinary man who is tirelessly fighting to save the lives of many abandoned animals around the country. This is not only his duty, but is our duty. To save ourselves, we should learned to save the animals before learning it. Please show your concern after reading this article and hope that more and more abandoned animals can find their Jamil, in order to continue their life.

source: Mr Jamil Bin Ismail (catman)

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