Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jk terlepas lagi dgn bantuan shaki Grrrrrr

At 2.00am after came back from my shop. I clean Jk and shaki cage, while waiting water to be full I am going inside to clean my kitchen part. I totally forgot to lock the cage. And as usual Shaki will open the cage door for Jk.

After I hear sound the water full I came out but both of them not in the cage, I search both of them on my roof top. Try to bagging them to come down but they just ignore me. So I got no choice to climb to roof top. After giving order to shaki she comes to me. With scare face. But Jk go far away from me.

I bring shaki down and put her back inside the cage. Going out and try to beg Jk to come down. It takes me 4 hour. To beg for him to come to me plus using shaki to make him come to me still cannot use. Ones he comes down after me pretending to bring shaki to lake side. But after I turn back to him he runs away far away from my house.

I send back shaki to house. Take my t shirt and scoter goes back to the place I left him. But he not there. Even I am using led touch light but cannot see him. I take my scooter try to round my garden area. Suddenly he is on the lake side near my house. He already go and disturb are Fisherman, he already bite Fisherman hand after he come close to Fisherman, and both of them panic. He bites the finger. But lucky the Fisherman know me. Even I want to bring him to clinic he said it ok. Just small matter.

When I came back the fishing man call me and tell me his ion the trees. I stop under the trees. And try to bagging him again to come down. After 20 minute. He came down; jump to my scooter and Hugh me from the back. I start the engine and drive the scooter. While I drive my hand try to hold his hand when I get the hand I stop and tide him. Bring back.


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