Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whay i hate arabic people

Shakinsor cover with towel ..

Almost 7-8 years in bukit bintang everydays i need to face arabic poeple. for me arabic people not meening they are from saudi. but for me arabic mean all of them from middle east. the atitude of arabic people are worst.ya-ya not all . but mostly. their kids are more worst . becafull when they kids come close to your pets.they might kick the cats. it happen .that whay i said.

Shakilim , shakirin and shakinsor

They want to take pic, they always asking so many question but to spend money for animals if 100 people maby one person will do that. one more thing even if they pays i must watch them course they are rough to animals. that what i always call their kids satan.
They always think , they have money so they can do anything , they have money they can change people mind. ya maby right but sorry to say not me ! money cannot change mi mind. go find someone els.

Help me with money not with words.buy thing using money not words. thank jamilkucing

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