Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Really Touch By This Email

From: ......................@opaskul.com.my
To: nakcuba2000@yahoo.com
Subject: congrats n respect
Date: Mon, 9 dec 2009 20:47:53 +0800

Dear Jamil,

i saw read your story in guang ming daily news paper today n felt very proud and touched by your love to cats and what u did for them. My wife is scared of animals eventhough she still don't like my cute hamsters which i have at home. I've tried talking to her to take in one cat but the answer would be ...."it's either me or the cat....." ....what can i do? i work midnite shift n spend most day time free and thought of having a pet cat as 'teman' or companion. I envy/jeolous of you that you are able to keep and play with so many loving cats . I respect and applaud what you have done for the cats and hope that you continue do so.....in this case.....JAMIL BOLEH!!!


Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

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