Saturday, February 27, 2010

Australian Honurouble lady

Australian Tourist

First time i meet this lady is on 2005 . she meet me here. play with the cats. give donation. and last 4 days she come again with her sister. she come to me . and when is aw here i memory came corse i remember such honourouble person who love animals.

But this time she is so happy she said course her dream come tru. she told me she dream to play,touch,holed monkey in her life. but never happen.this time she have chance to do than. when she meet babykey she is very happy .she paly , taking picture . on second day she come againa nd she bring banana and apple for babykey.they play almost 1/2 hour.

Today she come again , but this time she come with one small kitten she found at bukit bintang area. she relly hope i can help her to take care that kitten .and off couse if tourist bring it to me i will take it. couse they always hornest. she so happy when i relly want to take the kitten. i name thet small kitten ( shakiladylia ) meen ( shaki - lady - from australia ) babykey olso love that kitten.

Surah Ghafir : 7-9 Hadis Riwayat Muslim Bermaksud : "Pada setiap pagi seorang itu pasti di sertai oleh dua malaikat yang berdoa : Ya Allah berikanlah kerosakan terhadap orang yang enggan membelanjakan hartanya untuk bersedekah ",sedangkan yang lain berdoa : " Ya Allah berikanlah pengantian terhadap orang yang gemar membelanjakan hartanya kepada kebaikan ".

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