Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Found at One Malaysians blog...

Here's the highlight for today!

Wanna ride on a scooter filled with 9 cats on board??
Here's this dude named Jamil who takes care of stray cats. Up to date, he said that he has about 104 strays in his home. WHOA!!! I have 4 and am already like -_-..he has a hundred more..wahhh...


See the sign that says no camera allowed ? You can only take pictures after u donate at least RM5 to help him buy his cats food and also vet treatments. He keeps stoping people that were about to take pics. I was about to take out my camera when he quickly snapped at an Arab guy and told him to look at the sign..Phew! Nasib lah i haven't started to click away..and So yea, i gave him RM5 and he said that you can snap away sampai filem habis pun ok.. haha. As long as you donate, u can take as much pics as u want.. For videocams would be RM10. I asked him why not put a bigger sign so that he wouldn't have to tell ppl off like that and he said that the government would charge him if it's a bigger sign.. so far the A4 sized sign is free to show. I dont blame people for not noticing, it IS small..and I didn't noticed it too.

z...z....sleepy fat ass as Jamil looks on

It says there ..
" Dont say you love cats or like cats if you
not dare to help them,
just adoring and playing
with the cats
macam marah o...;)

Heaps of prints about him being broadcasted in Japan and BBC as well..

HAHA... The fellowship of the cats : The Cats Protector
(eh..sounds a lil lame leh =P shhh...)
But i get the poster's point..this sticks on his bike's windshield

Jamil said that Garfield is just taking a pee before their journey home.. kekeke!

He gave his youtube account info, and u guys can check it out here: -

Jamil calling his cat Shakira to go home! Ha ha!
Shakiraa!!~~~You ah!
Oh and notice that he put the cat in the box behind the scooter O_o? Hmm..kesian..but i guess its ok kua...

They're very obedient to their master.He showed us how submissive they are by taking one of his cat and placed it on the bus's door near by across the small road and the lil thing stood there a while and then rushed back to the scooter! Awww... and they all just stay put, sleeping away comfortably...=D!!

Here is my video of him scooting away home..=D bubye!

Ok, I am going to be The Dog Protector..I bring all stray dogs on a Harley at Gaya street.. Savvy?? =D Good idea??? Agree?? mphhh..
Surah Ghafir : 7-9Hadis Riwayat Muslim Bermaksud :"Pada setiap pagi seorang itu pasti di sertai oleh dua malaikat yang berdoa : Ya Allah berikanlah kerosakan terhadap orang yang enggan membelanjakan hartanya untuk bersedekah ",sedangkan yang lain berdoa : " Ya Allah berikanlah pengantian terhadap orang yang gemar membelanjakan hartanya kepada kebaikan ".

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  1. I have been to KL several times and still haven't time to visit you and the cats. Will do so when I go there visiting this December! =)


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