Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shakilim Gone Forever / Perginya shakilim

Today is one more sad days for me after long time I didn’t fill it. Today my King of all my cats ( shakilim ) gone forever. What make me so sad is he never gives any sing or sure that he is ill. Every time even yesterday I bring him to bukit bintang he is healthy. Even my Chinese friend who always hugging him, yesterday hugging and play with him. Since I rescue abandoned cats I see between all my cats. There will have one will be king. It starts by my first cat. Adik , shakisiam , shakisang , shakisik , shakida , and shakilim , and now the king position will be shakishop . after shakilim already old . I found him last 7 years and that time his age around 5 years. That mean his age is 12 years old . Some of his skin is white. But what ever is that I accepted it. One thing that shakilim clever to do is open any cage that I put him on. In bukit bintang when I shout (go home) shakilim will be the first going down from scooter. It shock. When I enter the cat’s room everyday first thing what I do is call his name (shakilim) . today I enter and call him but didn’t have any reaction. So I do check and he already gone while sleeping I think so.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

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