Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tuduhan terbaru Dari Manusia Celaka DI KTAJ

This picture was share by one of my friend, she is a vet, was wondering anyone in Malaysia can investigate this matter. Below is her description:

This picture was taken on 20/4/2008 at Jln. Bukit Bintang, KL, somewhere near McDonald's Restaurant. I think the cats are not hypnotised or following specific commands or training, but they have been drugged. I saw them again in Nov. 2012, right at the same spot and with the same man who charges the public for taking their pictures or 'donating'. Please stop giving any money to the cruel man and report this to the authority for animal cruelty. He might use the money to buy more drugs to keep the cats 'hypnotised'. The cats look very tired & dehydrated & their hairs are rough.
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    • Dadu Goodyear SIALAN!!! kekejaman di depan mater!! kurang ajaran!! eiii penaniayaan yg AMAT KETARA!!!
      about an hour ago · 2
    • Dewi Kencana Putri I think i know who did this.when i first saw the pic abt last year i think,i was like biar betul weyh kucing kene stack camtu n diorang x gerak pape pun..sian sgt time tgk tu..
      about an hour ago · 2
    • Soraya Yusof I've seen this too..the guy is quite kasar..dia mmg marah gile kat siapa2 nk amek gambar kucing2 without paying..n I think there's a monkey there jugak..
      about an hour ago · 2
    • Muhd Zul Azren Guys,we already discussed bout it long time ago.If im not mistaken,He/They already lodge a police report to our admin coz condemming them.I hope this post akan didelete untuk mengelak apa2 daripada berlaku.Sorry :)
      44 minutes ago · 3
    • ZigZag Naim Better remove this post immediately...looks like provocation...
      37 minutes ago · 1
    • New Qin Ni no action been taken for animal cruelty by Msia police??
      36 minutes ago
    • New Qin Ni I about to provoke something because of this post???
      33 minutes ago
    • Muhd Zul Azren There's no action to Msia police take towards him.and u can see he around bukit bintang,KL.u tak provoke qin ni.tapi takut pihak lain yang anggap u cuba provoke.because page KTAJ really have serious case wif the cat's owner.and i dare to say,that they have a few spy in this page too :)
      23 minutes ago
    • Muhd Zul Azren KTAJ and the individual that you're mentioning are in dispute. They have their disagreement about a few things. KTAJ do not wish to comment on this post or anything related to that individual. This post might be deleted after admins come back from TPPM event today

Ada satu datuk tu di bunuh , di bakar dan di buang ke sungai. kerana apa. orang tidak tahu tetapi di sawang internet semua cerita cerita pasal beliau keluar. dan orang orang di KTAJ yg suka menulis dna menuduh ni pun seeloknya di jadikan begitu.


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