Friday, January 8, 2010

Bring JK to Bukit Bintang

Always at night time around 10.00pm till 12.00mn i always bring my olders monket either JK or SHAKI to bukit bintang or around they will never fill boring or jealouse i guest. cost daytime i bring babykey to bukit bintang.
Jk and shaki always entertain people. but as usual people always want to pet them, play with them, touch them but to take out some money they shellfish. poo animals live in this worlds with human.
Kegemaran Jk ialah lolipop . bagi je lilipop yang lain tak peduli dah.
Bawah Jk sedang menunjukan lagak kekuatannya. waktu ini jangana da sesiapa datangd ekat jamilkucing alamatnya berbokeh le betis kering.

Help me to help abandoned animals.Only if you have HEART..

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