Monday, December 28, 2009

Lunch Time

Kenapa orang melayu tidak pandai berfikir, pendek akal. lambat tangkap. jamil tengok di bukit bintang banyak melayu yang singgah , belai kucing ( itu dah semestinya ) kalau orang melayu tak sentuh belai sah la itu bukan melayu. orang melayu mereka mesti nak belai , nak tengok , nak puji , nak cuim .tapi hati perut nak menolong sorry la. bangsa kedekut tangkai jering . jamil bukan mengutuk atau menfithnah tapi itulah kenyataanya bangsa melayu ini. dalam kepala otak mereka amsih tersimpan kalimah FREE . so apa sahaja nak free. dia orang ingat jamil ke tasco belai-belai ,pegang-pegang , sentuh makanan kucing tu boleh dapat FREE.
Tapi bila jamil cakap mereka mengamok , marah , pastu buat fithnah sana fithnah sini ,kutuk sana kutuk sini. itulah sifat sebenar bangsa melayu kalau orang tak tahu. jamil bukan kedekut , sombong , orangd atang bukit bintang memang nak tengok jamil, nak tengok kucing-kucing jamil ,nak petua , nak tanya soalan , tapi biarlah ada hati perut sikit , jangan lah semua nak free. otak melayu memang lambat nak fikir.

Ada lak tu dah tahu apa yang jamil buat tapi perasaan tu tak ada. setakat keluar di mulut ( oooo dia selamatkan kucing-kucing terbiar ) pastu jalan. langsung tak ada perasaan ,hanya setakat kata kesian dekat kucing but empty heart to help animals.nothing can be done. cakap je lebih. banyak melayu yang berada dan kaya jamil jumpa. tapi paham sendirilah. kepada orang melayu yang baca ini kalau anda semua nak marah terpulang.apa yang jamilkucing cakap ini berdasarkan pengalaman 10 tahun di bukit bintang. kalau cakap orang malaysia jamil hanya boleh berharapkan kepada orang cina. kalau hanya harapkan melayu aku dan kucing-kucing aku mampos.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shakisarkan ( shaki-pasar-ikan )

This cat i call her ( shakisarkan ) .i found here while i do some shopping at wet market not far away from my place. she is cool ,all her body wet couse before that is heavy reaning. and what i see she is preagnent. she is friendly but still scary.
All of her body are white colour shy cat. but her sound are very smalll.
Kuicng ini jamil jumpa di pasar basar tak jauh dari rumah jamil. waktu jamil pergi beli sayur , seluruh badannya basah kuyup sebab sejam sebelum itu hujan lebat. dan apa yang jamil dapat pastikan kucing ini bunting. dia jinak tapi masih ketakutan. jamil ambil dan bawa balik. dan namakanya ( shakisarkan )

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Friday, December 25, 2009


Kucing ini jamil namakan shakitentih ( shaki-oren-putih ) jamil jumpa dengan berlubang di bahagian badanya. dna menanah. macam kena gigit mungkin di serang anjing agaknya. seperti biasa bawa balik mandikan dettolkan bagi antibiotic,ubat cacing dan multivitamin.
Comel dan manja sangat.

This cat . i name him ( Shakirentih ) shaki orange and white .i rescue him at stall near my place.
I think he just get bitten by dogs. look at his body. his is bleeding.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Found young baby garfields

Lat few days ago i found one cat orange colour and i call her ( shakirenna ) .it look like my old garfields. still young but already preagnent . bring abck to house couse she is to friendly. after 4 days in the house last night shes born 3 babies. so cute. but baby garfields still look suspicious to me.
To baby garfields ( shakirenna ) hope to get happy life with me.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Bring Jk And Shaki to waterfall

Jk and shaki entertaining someone who olso come to waterfall for swimming .
After their getting cool i bring them up for some lunch for them,that will be green apple and orange.their favourite.

Like father like son.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

In memory of Shakilim

In memory Shakilim when H1N1 comming to malaysia.
In memory shakilim , shakilu , and shakinsor
In memory shakilim and shakinsor

In memory shakilim and shakilu.
In memory shakilim on Tv Interview modal insan on malaysians Channel.
In memory Shakilim on top of the box while me talking with malaysians famous actor Rosyam noor on My Interview

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Shakilim Gone Forever / Perginya shakilim

Today is one more sad days for me after long time I didn’t fill it. Today my King of all my cats ( shakilim ) gone forever. What make me so sad is he never gives any sing or sure that he is ill. Every time even yesterday I bring him to bukit bintang he is healthy. Even my Chinese friend who always hugging him, yesterday hugging and play with him. Since I rescue abandoned cats I see between all my cats. There will have one will be king. It starts by my first cat. Adik , shakisiam , shakisang , shakisik , shakida , and shakilim , and now the king position will be shakishop . after shakilim already old . I found him last 7 years and that time his age around 5 years. That mean his age is 12 years old . Some of his skin is white. But what ever is that I accepted it. One thing that shakilim clever to do is open any cage that I put him on. In bukit bintang when I shout (go home) shakilim will be the first going down from scooter. It shock. When I enter the cat’s room everyday first thing what I do is call his name (shakilim) . today I enter and call him but didn’t have any reaction. So I do check and he already gone while sleeping I think so.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Really Touch By This Email

Subject: congrats n respect
Date: Mon, 9 dec 2009 20:47:53 +0800

Dear Jamil,

i saw read your story in guang ming daily news paper today n felt very proud and touched by your love to cats and what u did for them. My wife is scared of animals eventhough she still don't like my cute hamsters which i have at home. I've tried talking to her to take in one cat but the answer would be ...."it's either me or the cat....." ....what can i do? i work midnite shift n spend most day time free and thought of having a pet cat as 'teman' or companion. I envy/jeolous of you that you are able to keep and play with so many loving cats . I respect and applaud what you have done for the cats and hope that you continue do this case.....JAMIL BOLEH!!!


Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tommy lee from Australia

Last week I meet one family from Australia. Actually not the father or mother but their son and daughter, they come for holiday in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia almost 2 week. And guess what since Tommy and her sister saw me, everyday’s Tommy will come either with her sister or along. And surely he will bring apple for babykey. As what I see Tommy really love my monkey babykey. And babykey also close to him.
Nice to meet young person like Tommy who really love animals. Always young people they just said so love animals but not 100% but Tommy prove to me that he is real animal’s lover. everyday almost week he coming to my spot without fill boring , not only come to play with babykey but also helping watching anyone who just want to taking photo free.
Tommy will bring apple for babykey when he coming by at my spot at bukit bintang.
This is Tommy sister, she playing with babykey godmother shaki. Shaki is my female monkey age 3 years old. She is good monkey as long you didn’t touch her. And Tommy sister get small bite from shaki (sorry) when she try to hold her. Course the rule is the monkey can touch you but you don’t touch them. Monkey rule.
To Tommy and her sister thank allots for supporting me. Thank for the donation for abandoned cats. My god blesses all of you. Do always love animals. They need people like you. And my 16 years experience 10 years in bukit bintang Kuala Lumpur meeting with tourist, 80% of Australian people are real animal’s lover, without doubts.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The old picture ,shakicute time first time i found her. my monkey can accepted her. but now shakicute already bigger and healthy.remember i found this cat under old car at town area near my place.
Jk and shakicute sleeping thougther since my old house.

Now shakicute already bigger , and healthy , but she is the shame cat ...

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

My Jogging Parthner

Everydays after i came back from bukit bintang. i will take 1/2 hour for jogging around the place i am satying .a nd i always bring my monkey too. so they olso can fill free.
Resting time after jogging.
Shaki playing around.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

If the Animals Trust you

What can i say is if you are hornest and real animals lover . you no need to tell everyone. but animals know than. if you are real animals lover they will trust you like they own species . when animals trust you you can teach them do anything and everything you want.
But depands what you want to teach them. good thing or bad thing. if you teach them bad thing so one days you will get bad thing tooo.
3.00pm till 4.00pm is sleeping time for babykey. this is the time i can take rest bitt. if not she always playing none stop. so i needt o watch her.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Monkey and cats in the Cats room

Every days when i want to clean my cats room i will bring inside one of my monkey so that the monkey can play with my cats
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Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

My Parreliece Cat ( Shakinsor )

No need for me to say anything.the pic and video will tell you everything if you really animals lover.when i found this cat both her front hand bleeding. both of her hand totally cannot use anymore. according to the doctor when i bring the cat to check for the first time. theyw ant to put her to sleep. that what always pretanding and pretander animals lover do. i really dont know who give them right to do that. i am not aggrey and until now the cats healthy.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..

Shakibi ( bukit bintang )

Shakibi is left one of my olders cats staying with me. she with me already 8 years old. i found shakibi at garbage place at bukit bintang area serching for food.the time i found her she is very dirthy. alotts of flies on her body.
Love shakibi very much.
Now shakibi i am not always bring shakibi to bukit bintang.maby one or two time only in the week.

Help me to help abandoned animals. but if you have HEART..